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Norfox Industrial

Norman Fox is committed to helping you build a strong industrial foundation. As a privately held, customer-centric company, we collaborate with world-class suppliers to provide reliable and innovative solutions tailored for the industrial marketplace. Our comprehensive product range—from textiles to fuels, coatings to emulsifiers—ensures formulation flexibility, superior strength, durability, and functionality. With our rapid response times, extensive blending and tolling capabilities, ample bulk storage, and convenient rail siding access, we are equipped to handle all your logistics seamlessly. At Norman Fox, we not only offer high-performance solutions but also ensure compliance with all regulatory and environmental standards, supporting your project’s success every step of the way.

Norfox Industrial

Building tomorrow’s solutions today. Norman Fox is your foundation for industrial excellence, offering reliable and innovative products. From construction to CASE, our solutions ensure your projects are built on strength, durability, and environmental consciousness.

Case & Construction

Norman Fox will help you build a strong foundation. In partnership with world-class suppliers, we provide solutions that are reliable and innovative for all your industrial marketplace needs. With a comprehensive line of everything from textiles to fuels, coatings to emulsifiers, and more, our products promote formulation flexibility by imparting greater strength, durability, and functionality. Most importantly, we create solutions that offer high performance while being mindful of regulatory and environmental challenges.

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C.A.S.E & Construction Products by Category




Silicone Coatings Additives


Waxes/Wax Emulsions


Ethylene Glycol

Diethylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol

Triethylene Glycol

Glycol Ether EB

Glycol Ether DB

Glycol Ether DE

Glycol Ether DPNB

Glycol Ether DPNP 

Glycol Ether PNB

Glycol Ether PNP

Titanium Dioxide



  • BIS A
  • BIS F
  • Blends


Styrene Acrylics

Vinyl Acrylic Emulsions

Epoxy Functional Glycidyl Esters

Glycidyl Amines

Glycidyl Ethers 

Glycidyl Ester of Dimer Acid

Fumed Silica HEC/HMC Thickeners


Aliphatic Solvents

Aromatic Solvents


Exxsol™ Fluids



Dimethyl Carbonate

LVP Solvents


Propylene Carbonate

Norman, Fox & Co. manufactures and distributes the highest-quality chemicals in various industries. Our extraordinary service and fair pricing have led to our continued growth and consistent profitability.