Acne Awareness Month: Norfox’s Solutions for Anti-Acne Products

June is marked by many events: graduations, first days of summer, and vacations but did you know that it is also Acne Awareness Month. A survey conducted by CeraVe concluded that acne is the top skin concern for children ages 10 and 17.1 But acne not only affects tweens and teenagers, it can also manifest in adults. Nutrafol has developed skin care supplements to address key causes of non-cystic acne in adult women. These key causes include stress, hormonal fluctuations, the microbiome across both skin and gut, & immune system function.2 Our partners at SNF also have an anti-stress day cream formula that contains Natursol™ EMI 132 that leaves the skin hydrated and smooth while protecting against the first signs of aging.

There are several types of acne ranging from mild to severe. Mild types of acne include blackheads and whiteheads while more moderate and severe acne can include a mix of papules and pustules. More severe acne can also include cysts, nodules, and scarring.   Whether it is non-cystic acne or acne scarring; acne can have mental & physical impacts on both children and adults.

Consumers are seeking options that are quick and essay. A consumer study done in 2020 found that “fifty-eight percent of all consumers say a product not getting rid of acne quickly/immediately is their top complaint/concern about acne products.”3 Others are seeking answers through social media. 61% of parents agree that their children participate in the skincare trends they see online.2 Many influencers have taken to social media to reveal their acne prone skin care tips and routines but some can cause more harm because of overuse of certain products. CeraVe is partnering with dermatologists and “mommy” influencers to co-create social media content to help parents learn more about skincare for tweens and teens.2

Norman Fox has partnered with JAKA and Salvona to bring our customers anti-acne ingredients to incorporate into anti-acne products. Jaka’s Smopore LC, which is one of their newest innovative products and is Cosmo Approved, has ingredients that target and regulate the full cycle of sebaceous gland synthesis to solve the problem of enlarged pores by oil control. Its dual verification confirms oil control ability in both instant and long-term ways. Jaka also has Antisebum GMP which is derived from natural vegetation skin. It inhibits growth of P. Acnes specifically inhibiting P. Acnes induced skin inflammation. Antisebum GMP also inhibits seborrheic skin and regulates sebum secretion.

Salvona’s SalSphere® Even Skin is a unique technology that enables the easy use of salicylic acid in most topical formulations. Regular use of salicylic acid treatments helps maintain clear skin and evens natural skin tone. Salvona’s Salsphere® Severe Acne Relief is a technology for patients struggling with acne. It provides a solution to underlying conditions associated with acne such as overproduction of sebum, inflammation, persistent bacterial colonies, and skin dehydration. And lastly, Salvona’s Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) helps clear pores and eradicates acne-causing bacteria.

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