Men’s Grooming

In recent years, men’s grooming has been on the rise. According to Statista, the global male grooming market is set to be worth $115 billion by 2028. This explains why more and more brands are incorporating men’s grooming products into their skincare lines. As men’s grooming market continues to grow, it will be up to the brands to create customized and personalized product lines that cater to different preferences and styles.

As Ritika B, Research Analyst at Straits Research, writes on a LinkedIn article, five trends have emerged in the men’s grooming products market. Men are seeking natural and organic products. This includes products containing botanical extracts, essential oils, and other naturally derived ingredients. Along those lines is sustainable packaging & ethical practices. This means ingredients being ethically sourced and brands conducting fair trade practices and having transparent supply chains.

Customization and personalization as well as inclusivity and diversity have become a must in the personal care industry and the men’s grooming market is no exception. Brands are tailoring their products to different skin tones, hair textures, and individual concerns and preferences. One way to accomplish this is through tech innovations. AI continues to play a major role in helping brands identify emerging preferences and eco-friendly options. Personalized recommendations and virtual try-on experiences help both the consumer and the brand in providing data driven insights.

Taking a closer look, these trends can already be seen in the skincare market as consumers overall are seeking more inclusivity, customization, innovation, and sustainability.  Consumers want transparency from brands when it comes to what ingredients they are putting on their skin or hair as well as where those ingredients are coming from.

According to Forbes’ article, “The Biggest Trends in Men’s Grooming Courtesy of a Skincare Veteran”, ingredients that have emerged as more popular in the men’s grooming sector have been niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. Niacinamide addresses skin concerns such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, providing brighter looking skin and taming oiliness. Hyaluronic acid provides moisture retention properties making the skin more hydrated. It also increases skin elasticity and has anti-aging, antiwrinkle, and anti-scarring benefits.

Our Personal Care partner, SNF, has two formulas designed specifically for men’s beards. The first is Men’s Daily Hydrating Beard Serum. This nourishing and enhancing serum is formulated with Natursol™ EMI Lite. This serum was carefully formulated to hydrate and condition the beard and provide non-greasy styling. The beard serum will melt on the skin giving both the beard and the skin a silky feel while protecting the skin against external aggressors. SNF also has a Beard Balm formula using Flocare™ PSD 1037 LV. This formula is enriched with argan oil and designed for daily use. This beard balm is a softening and protecting balm for beards. For more information on these formulas, visit our Everyday solutions.

Onaxa has released its first line of men’s products with a Men’s Mango and Shea Beard Butter. More celebrities are also taping into men’s grooming like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He recently launched PAPATUI™, a men’s skincare and men’s grooming product line that uses clean ingredients. What is more interesting is that he has a specific category for tatoo care thus, providing inclusivity to a category that sometimes gets overlooked in the skincare market. Rodan + Fields posted a video for Father’s Day of a father’s Get Ready with Me skincare routine. As more brands begin to enter the men’s grooming market, it will be interesting to see how each sets apart from the rest.

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