Norman Fox: Your Solution for Sustainable Cleaning Products

It is National Cleaning Week aka spring cleaning week. This year’s theme is “Cleaning for Well-Being”. For us at Norman Fox, we supply solutions for household and cleaning products with the notion of “well-being” and sustainability in mind.

Several of our NORFOX® specialty products are included on the CleanGredients® list. We also represent several manufacturers whose products are designed to provide customers with more sustainable attributes. We have highlighted some of these below:

NORFOX® 609 NR is a non-ionic, environmentally friendly replacement of 9-mole and 10 mole NPES. It is the newest addition to the product line made from 100% narrow-range ethoxylates. NORFOX® 609 NR produces a surfactant with lower unreacted fatty alcohol that doesn’t add to the soil load. It is acceptable in Safer Choice Products and listed on CleanGredients®.

Nouryon’s Berol® DR-B1 is designed to be the only surfactant in the formulation and can be easily formulated into highly effective cleaners and degreasers. It has a unique combination of outstanding performance and low environmental impact. It is assessed by the US EPA for direct release into the environment. Berol® DR-B1 is stable in alkaline, acid and neutral cleaning formulations, compatible with nonionic and anionic surfactants and is a medium foaming surfactant with fast foam collapse for easy rinsing. Because of its powerful cleaning performance, it can be used in a wide range of applications such as house washing, fence and deck cleaners, marine cleaning, garages, tools and outdoor equipment.

Cleaning can be overwhelming and tedious for some and a stress reliever for others, especially during spring cleaning. A survey conducted by Wakefield research showed that 70% of Americans find that having a clean home gives them a sense of accomplishment, thus enhancing their mood (66%), increasing productivity (63%) and decreasing stress and anxiety (60%). Cleaning is an important part of our daily lives not just this week but every day. At Norman Fox, we have products that tackle these cleaning problems with solutions that are more sustainable and provide low environmental impact.

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