19 Years of Dedication in Chemical Distribution

Our employees are a great part of who we are as a company and the main reason for our success in the chemical distribution industry. We want to take the time to honor and celebrate the history and success of Norman Fox through one of our very first employees, Steve Walta. After 19 years of service at our chemical distribution facility, Steve will be semi-retiring. We thank him for all his hard work and dedication.

When Norman Fox was acquired in 2005, Stephen Halpin, President, was quick to call Steve (or “Walta” as he is known around the office) to join the Norman Fox Team. He knew that Walta’s determination and knowledge in the chemical distribution industry, more specifically in the paints and coatings sector, would help Norman Fox reach a wider audience. Indeed, he was not disappointed. After 19 years, Walta has managed to increase his territory exponentially and has become a great “go-to” person for his customers.

There are so many stories to tell about Walta; but one that really conveys his caring character was his handwritten cards. Every year, he would hand out Christmas cards to all of the staff at Norman Fox and thank them for their work. To us at Norman Fox, he was a friend and knowledgeable colleague. To his customers in the chemical distribution industry, “sales representative Steve [was] excellent”.

Norman, Fox & Co. manufactures and distributes the highest-quality chemicals in various industries. Our extraordinary service and fair pricing have led to our continued growth and consistent profitability.