On Saturday, December 3, 2016, Norman, Fox & Co. celebrated its annual Christmas Party at the Western Hills Country Club in Chino Hills, CA. This year’s celebration was more special because it was combined with Don O’Shea’s Retirement Celebration. Many Norman Fox customers were also in attendance to honor Don.  It was a night full of laughter, memories, and entertainment.

Don O’Shea began working at Norman, Fox & Co. since its inception in 1971 as the company’s first employee. He has worked for Norman, Fox & Co. for over 45 years becoming a very reputable Account Manager.  His dedication and charisma have garnered him much love and appreciation amongst Norman Fox & Co.’s employees and customers.

The major highlight of the night was a special presentation that included anecdotes from Don’s colleagues, a roast about his retirement, and a video about his service with the company.  Another major highlight was the inaugural “Don O’Shea Employee of the Year Award” in honor of Don’s dedicated service to Norman, Fox & Co. The first recipient of this award was Dale Greenough, Plant Manager, who has worked with Norman, Fox & Co. for over 37 years.

The celebration concluded with a speech from Norman, Fox & Co.’s President, Steve Halpin followed by live music and dancing.

The Norman Fox Family wishes Don a happy retirement!

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