November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.  On November 20, 2016, Norman Fox & Co. participated in the American Lung Association sponsored annual Lung Force 5K Walk.  Lung Force is a group within the America Lung Association created to spread awareness about lung diseases including cancer.  

Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of women in the U.S. and can affect anyone. This disease has touched the Norman, Fox & Co. family personally through Laura Morrisson, Norman, Fox & Co’s Sales & Marketing Director.  Laura’s spouse, Pam Lawrence, was diagnosed with lung cancer in late 2014 and has been successfully fighting ever since. Just like Pam, who says, “this fight will not get me down, I have too much to do on this Earth”, we too can contribute so much to bring awareness to this cause.  For the second consecutive year, Norman, Fox & Co. participated on Team Pam’s Puffers. The team raised over $13,000 to help fund research to advance lung health. Last year was no exception, as Pam’s Puffers team was awarded #1 Fundraising Friends & Family Team and Team FORCE with over 70 participants (largest Team).

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